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Stand 4 Shelby: Community Impact Day 2019

August 4, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Aug 4, 2019
    9:00am - 1:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Downtown Shelby
    9 remaining
  • Shelby Parks
    Free Full
  • Summer Lunch Program
    Free Full
  • City Care Packages
    Free Full
  • House Project #1 - Pipe Repair
    1 remaining
  • House Project #2 - Landscaping & Painting
    Free Full
  • House Project #3 - Landscaping
    Free Full
  • Shelby YMCA
    Free Full
  • Oil Changes
    1 remaining
  • Hair Cuts
    3 remaining
  • Downtown Window Washing
    Free Full
  • Water and Supplies Crew
    3 remaining
  • "Put Me In Coach" - Anywhere Needed
    29 remaining
  • Produce Stand
    Free Full
  • Shelby Helpline - Backpack Program
    Free Full


Please use the "add another person" function to register each person (including kids) individually. This will help tremendously with supplies and t-shirts

Project Information

Downtown Shelby

Business front revitalization - power-washing, scraping, painting, etc.

Shelby YMCA

Assisting with painting, cleaning, and other needed tasks throughout the building.

Shelby Parks

Painting playground equipment throughout Shelby parks - (Kid Friendly 8+)

Summer Lunch Program

Prep meals & supplies for the summer lunch program the following week. (Kid-friendly)

City Care Packages

Baking cookies, making THANK YOU Cards, and putting together care packages for our public service folks throughout Shelby, Ontario, Plymouth, Mansfield, and beyond. (Kid-friendly)

House Project 1 - Pipe Repairs

Fixing pipe running into house (w/ rental equipment)

House Project 2 - Landscaping & Painting

Trimming, weeding, mulching, mowing, cleaning, & painting shed

House Project 3

Weeding, Laying Landscaping Fabric, Trimming, Mulching, & Laying Rocks

Produce Stand

Free produce stand with fruits & vegetables available all morning to all families in need. Help carry produce to cars. Talk with families. Restock produce.

Water and Supplies Crew

Run water and supplies to project sites throughout the morning - (good for those needing a less physical opportunity)

Oil Changes

Change oil in cars for people in need (cars will have been signed up and materials purchased ahead of time), Check fluids, Check the air in the tires.


Give haircuts to those in need and those waiting for their oil to be changed

Downtown Window Washing

Wash Windows for businesses downtown

Shelby Helpline - Backpack Program

Helping to stuff backpacks for the annual Backpack giveaway at Shelby Helpline. (Kid-Friendly 6+)

Misc Project

"Put me in coach." Put me on any project that could use my help. I'm willing to do anything!